Welcome to the International Summer School on Advanced Materials for Energy


13-14, December 2021, Saint-Omer, France

ISSAME 2021 Flyer

The International Summer School on Advanced Materials for Energy (ISSAME) is intended for young scientists and PhD students interested in Materials Science for energy.

The scope of this Summer School is to familiarize students with the state of the art in advanced materials for energy. 

ISSAME is focused on theoretical and experimental aspects of synthesis and characterization of advanced materials for energy, i.e. materials that meet a strong societal demand for the conversion and storage of electrical energy as well as energy savings. The school aims to present an overview of the latest developments in the theory of these advanced materials, their modelling, processing, characterisation and applications.

It will cover topics like Electronic and Optical Materials, Polymers and Composites, oxides, semiconducting, metallic and organic materials, materials for supercapacitors, fuel cells and batteries, photovoltaic devices and related technologies. 

Lectures in these areas will be given by high-level researchers. So, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own research work and exchange with the scientists involved in this area.

The 6th edition of the International Symposium on Dielectric Materials and Applications (ISyDMA’6) will take place simultaneously with this Summer School, so the young researchers will have access to the plenary and poster sessions. Last, but not least, social events are planned in common with the ISyDMA’6 Conference.

We look forward to seeing you at Saint-Omer, France.


Contacts :

A.Pr. SINGH Dharmendra and TACHAFINE Amina,  Chairs of ISSAME 2021
Littoral-Côte d’Opale University, Calais, France

+33 3 21 46 57 58
+33 7 82 61 51 66


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